Lulu Divine

Janinka Diverio

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Lulu Divine - Janinka Diverio is the creator of The Wardrobe. Having run a fancy dress, party, event styling and art workshop business she wanted to create a conceptual interactive art piece that would draw on all of these experiences whilst indulging in her passion of Victoriana. The Wardrobe was born and its wacky miniature world is a constant source of evolving humour and fun for all events and parties.


Janinka is the Wardrobe's hostess inviting all who dare to be lured and transported into this frivolous and creative place. Her passions are Victoriana, music and dolls heads.


When not working on The Wardrobe Janinka runs a music agency called no_place_arts and puts on music events with her trusty colleague in the  North Wiltshire town of Malmesbury.

Reverend Ezekiel Ryder

G.K Walsh

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Ezekiel Ryder - Gary Walsh is a new addition to the Wardrobe team and takes care of the photography as well as performing many crucial acts of spiritual retribution, exorcisms, cleansing of the soul and of course all matters birth, death, after life and otherwise. 

Outside of this whirlwind Wardrobe world Gary is a musician and writer currently in the middle of his first thriller. He is also vegan and love dogs.


He also loves lying still and alone in a darkened room, for hours on end...sometimes days.