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Ruby Moodwarmer

Maria Coehlo

Ruby Moodwarmer - Maria Coehlo is a storyteller, qualified teacher and performer.

Maria takes on many characters and personalities in her varied work outlets.

For The Wardrobe she has created the loveable Ruby Moodwarmer 

forming part of the Music-Hall duo in the team.

She is also a primary school teacher and runs Same, Same but Different Theatre where she is a specialist in Indian puppetry and traditional stories.

See Maria's work at www.samesamebristol.co.uk

Bertrand Xavier

Steve Newton

Lulu Divine

Janinka Diverio

Bertrand Xavier - Steve Newton is our music man! You will probably find him behind the guitar throughout the spectacle that is The Wardrobe performing Music Hall songs with the lovely Ruby.

Steve is also a Punch and Judy artist, Professor Filibuster, a Pirate, runs a Flea Circus, a qualified teacher and a counsellor. 


He also heads up a rock band and runs discos too.

Lulu Divine - Janinka has a background in music promotion and runs an events business called Cotswold Party. She is the creator behind The Wardrobe which started out as an art piece and then turned it into a workable interactive performance piece.


When not working on The Wardrobe Janinka organises parties, runs events with children, plans and decorates events and runs children's workshops with an outdoor/natural emphasis.

Her business is based in Malmesbury, North Wiltshire.

See Janinka's work at www.cotswoldparty.co.uk