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Wardrobe poster with DDB.png

Nipper Lewis- Ukulele, Banjo, Kazumpet and Vocals
Jellylegs Johnson- Washtub Bass, Heel Tambourine and Vocals


Devil’s Doorbell are true musical troubadors living and travelling on traditional narrow boats. They are new members of the Wardrobe cast and we know will bring frivolity and cheekiness to our adventures. Nipper and Jellylegs will be our dressers for the new season and will also burst into sporadic traditional wonderful skiffle. 

Back in the day, whilst working in a sex shop Jellylegs Johnson began writing rude poems and was given the chance by a local punk band to shout them to indifferent audiences. She swiftly moved on to master the kazoo before eventually jumping behind the drum kit. Since moving away into the mysterious and wonderful watery ditches of Somerset and Wiltshire she found a kindred spirit in the form of Nipper. They bonded over their love of vintage jazz, blues and rude songs, Eventually they fell in love and made a washtub Bass together.

Born on the flat lands of Somerset, Nipper Lewis spent his childhood dreaming of living on a narrowboat and playing New Orleans Jazz. Naturally he left home and ended up living in a caravan and playing Reggae music.... He has spent 30 years playing ukulele and can now often be seen brandishing it with gypsy jazz favorites The Water Gypsies. He has finally made his way to a ditch in Wiltshire, found his childhood dream and a beautiful girl of five foot two with eyes of blue.

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