What you say...

''We had such fun... the team are brilliant! They got my whole family in the spirit and we didn't stop laughing! The photos are fab and everyone loves them! You've got to try it! Thanks guys!'' - a guest, Cornbury Festival

''These people make memories absolutely fantastic'' - a guest, Cornbury Festival

''This is just the coolest bit of weird fun you'll ever have! Loved it!'' - a guest, Cornbury Festival

''Beautiful and slightly disturbing all at the same time ! Baby in a bird cage ????? X'' - a guest, Cornbury Festival

''So much fun 😍'' - a guest, Cornbury Festival

"Lovely people and an incredibly funny idea." - a guest, Wychwood Festival


"Great fun and the guys and gals were such a laugh, thanks for being part of a great weekend." - a guest, Wychwood Festival


"Such an unexpected thing to find! The staff were really lovely, I think it's a super idea, even if the frog I kissed didn't turn in to a prince!" - a guest, Wychwood Festival

"Bloody loved the wardrobe of infinite possibilities! Hilarious and wonderful. A delight." - Private Party


"We were at The Village Pump festival and loved The Wardrobe! A wonderful piece of performance that the visitor is able to take part in and for a moment be submerged in this miniature crazy world!" - a guest, Trowbridge Folk Festival

Where we have been...

Trowbridge Village Pump Festival 2015/16

Cornbury Festival 2016/17

Wychwood Festival 2015/16/17

Private parties

Where to see images..

We post all of our festival images live to our Facebook page as we go. 

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The Wardrobe of Infinite Possibilities