The Wardrobe of Infinite Possibilities

The Wardrobe of Infinite Possibilities is a dressing up concept designed for festivals, parties, weddings and an infinite array of celebrations. The Wardrobe arrives full-to-bursting with outfits, theatrical props, hats, wigs, stuffed ferrets and other faux, mock or preserved animals as well as gilt frames and customised signage.

How does it work?

It's simple. We dress you from the front of The Wardrobe, whilst entertaining you with lots of spiffing funnies then we escort to through to Betsy's parlour where we photograph you Victoriana style. Here you may also be asked to dance, be entertained by cabaret, be offered refreshments or invited to join in a game. You see, The Wardrobe is about infinite possibilities. It's a miniature world and street theatre at its most ludicrous! 

The Wardrobe works best as a complimentary addition to your celebration or event however we can create an arena with an entrance and you can therefore use us as a chargeable extra or fundraiser.

The Wardrobe of Enchanting Possibilities

New for 2020 is our children's wardrobe. The Wardrobe of Enchanting Possiblities. Contact us to find out how we can enhance your party, event or festival. With extensive experience of working with children we invite children and their parents to undergo an imaginary role-play experience. Spontaneous stroy-telling and dressing up make for an enchanting experience and plenty of memory-making photo opportunities.

Wardrobe Faqs

We post all our images to our Facebook page as we go.  Please see: The Wardrobe of Infinite Possibilities

Programme Copy and Event Requirements:

An 8 metre by 6 metre level surface is all that is required. If the event is a festival then we like being located next to a flag pole to secure the wardrobe to but this is not indispensable. 

Please contact us for risk assessment, PLI and DBS checks. 

Enter into the wonderful world of The Wardrobe of Infinite Possibilities where you will be taken, entertained, serenaded, dressed and photographed. Expect your fortune to be told, your hand to be read, your adrenalin to rush and much laughter. With a nod to the Victoriana era we take our inspiration from the turn of the century and mix it up with the modern day!  Think the Bloomsbury set meets the Mighty Boosh.  Experiencing it believing it.

''This is just the coolest bit of weird fun you'll ever have! Loved it!'' - Cornbury Festival guest 2017

‘’A wonderful piece of performance that the visitor is able to take part in and for a moment be submerged in this miniature crazy world!" – Trowbridge Festival guest 2016

See our gallery shots below:


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